Rider And Girlfriend Keep Cool During Hydroplaning Accident

To “hydroplane” is to slide uncontrollably on a wet road. In this video, you won’t see the car or motorcycle doing the sliding – it will be the people.

This biker put himself and his passenger at risk when he decided to ride on a wet and busy freeway. It may be fair to imagine that there could have been an emergency or some other reason to attempt this, but we will never know. They do end up falling, but he surprisingly keeps his cool and pulls his passenger close while they hydroplane for several seconds across the busy roads. They both seem to remain cool at the end, but that may be from shock after the accident. See for yourself:

This Guy Shows Us How To Stay Cool During A Hydroplaning Accident!

(via: Panorama Thailand)

I don’t know if you’ll read this far, but I should note that it is dangerous to pull on or adjust someone’s helmet after an accident. When the driver grabbed the passengers helmet after the hydroplaning accident he could have injured her had she had a neck injury. Don’t forget that you can share this story and others with your friends using the buttons on this site!