This Photo Has Nearly A Million Likes And You’ll See Why

As football coach Earl Davis was driving to work, he spotted something very strange. A young boy was running down the street with a chain tied around his waist that had car tires attached. Perhaps this was a strange punishment of some sort?

Intrigued, Earl stopped his car and asked, “why are you running with that on”?

The kid gave him an unexpected yet very touching response: He was training to make the high school football team.

His family couldn’t afford to purchase the proper equipment or to send him to a football camp. However, this young man didn’t let that hold him back from achieving his goals. He makes due with whatever he can in order to train.

Inspiration Football Kid

Apparently, during the entire time that they were having a conversation, the young man did not stop running. Earl was beyond impressed with his drive and dedication to training. As a coach himself, Earl immediately offered the kid an opportunity to train with his team. The boy accepted his offer with sheer excitement.

“This young man was jogging, he said he’s working towards making the high school football team in my city. His family couldn’t afford to send him to camp or get him proper equipment. Never give up on your dreams.”

When Earl posted the story on Facebook, it quickly went viral. A GoFundMe page was setup, donations began pouring in, and $3200 was raised raised within 15 hours! If you’re interested in donating to Earl’s cause, you can visit his GoFundMe campaign by clicking here.