What Was Found In This Lake Were Not Fish But Leeches

YouTube user Solomon David is very familiar with the area around the Bay of Green Bay. There is a lake near a wetland junction nearby that usually hosts a variety of fish through the year. What he saw in the lake when he stopped by this year was entirely different. The lake wasn’t full of fish, but instead was full of…
…Leeches. Lots of leeches.

He decided to return to the site to place a camera under the water to get a more intimate view of the leeches. The result is a video titled “Leech-nado.” Take a look:

Warning: If leeches make you too squeamish, don’t watch!

(source: YouTube)

How much would you have to be offered in a bet to jump into that water? I don’t think you could pay me enough to dive into a lake full of leeches like that! Share this and other stories with your friends!