20 Of The Best Images Captured By Google Street View

Google Earth and Google Maps Street View are incredibly powerful tools. With them, we’re able to plan trips, map directions, and view parts of the world where we have never been. While the Google Street View car travels down the roads around the world, they sometimes capture bizzare, beautiful, and otherwise interesting images. Many users have spent hours traveling the virtual roads in search of these images. Others have just happened upon them. Below are some of the best Street View pictures of the coolest car in the world that people have found using Google Street View.

There’s a monkey in the sidecar of this old-fashioned bike.

monkey sidecar(source: LifeBuzz)

This certainly looks like an escaped inmate…

escaped inmate google street view(source: Imgur)

Should’ve heeded the warning signs about angry scuba divers.

scuba divers attack google street view(source: Gizmopod)

Do you think he had to do the route again after realizing there was bird poop on the camera?

bird poop google street view(source: LifeBuzz)

A butterfly lands on the Google Street View Car camera.

butterfly landing on google street view(source: Imgur)

Is that the cast of Waynes World? It’s gotta be!

waynes world cast on google street view(source: Imgur)

Google Street View Car captures a live arrest on camera.

cops arrest on google street view(source: Buzzfeed)

This popular photo was told to be a glitch of the camera. Or is it?

creepy google street view(source: Imgur)

This post-Chernobyl bandit hides in wait to attack the next caravan…we think.

gas mask on google street view(source: Demilked)

“Hahahaha. Great timing, Google!”

good timing on google street view(source: Imgur)

The dangers of deep-frying a turkey in the front-yard.

bbq fire on google street view(source: LifeBuzz)

Kids attacking Gumby on the street.

kids attack gumby street view(source: Imgur)

Assuming this laser shoots love-rays, this appears to have been a success.

laser experiment google street view(source: Imgur)

This is not a pic of drug addicts in the desert is it?

creepy costumes google street view(source: LifeBuzz)

Angry Russian chases bear. ‘Nuff said.

russian chases bear google street view(source: Imgur)

Seagull brings its lunch atop the Google Street View car camera.

seagull landing google street view(source: Imgur)

This solo Horsehead standing by himself isn’t creepy at all.

horsehead waiting google street view

Google Street View Car grabbing lunch via drive-thru. Fitting.

drive thru lunch google street view(source: Imgur)

A birth happening on the street. Google captures the miracle of life!

birth caught on google street view(source: Imgur)

And finally, a tiger prowling the parking lot. Because tigers.

tiger in parking lot google street view(source: LifeBuzz)

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