Real Hoverboard Breaks World Record

Owning a real hoverboard has been a sci-fi fantasy for many people for a very long time. Many of us can recall the scene where Marty McFly rides the hoverboard to escape Griffs gang members in Back To The Future Part II. In the movie the year was 2015, perhaps that is coincidence?

Back To The Future Hoverboard

The first real hoverboard is here.

Dreams are quickly becoming a reality as Montreal inventor Catalin Alexandru Duru broke the world record for the longest hoverboard flight. Duru flew up to five metres (16 feet) above a lake for a distance of 275.9 metres (905 feet, about 3 American football fields) aboard his homemade, propeller-powered board in a trip that lasted more than 1½ minutes!

Watch Catalin Alexandru Duru break the Guinness World Records Title for the Farthest journey by hoverboard.
Rumor has it that the 31-year-old Duru and his company are working on a secret, next-generation version of the device. We’re all excited to see what they come up with next!