Speed Climbing Record Setter Will Impress You In Seconds

This Speed Climbing Record Setter Is Fast!

Recreational rock climbing can be a healthy exercise that builds concentration, strength, and self-esteem. When we’re younger, many of us stand in awe of the play rock walls that we can climb at parks, gyms, and other places. When we do get the chance to use them, we take our time reaching out to each colorful foothold, inching each way to the top. These man-made walls are dotted with oddly-shaped objects to use as footholds and gripping points as climbers scale the surface. The exercise is both a physical and mental one. Not only do climbers need to the strength to pull themselves up the wall, they also need strong reflexes and endurance. Speed-climbers, as you’ll see below, have also developed the mental skills to find the most efficient path up the wall with very little time to react. Below is an image of one of these man-made climbing walls.

rock wall speed climb

What you’re going to see below is a round of speed climbing. Once you see how fast that professional rock climbers can scale these walls, you’ll believe that Spider-Man is real. These climbers train for years to develop the strength, speed, and reflexes to climb walls and obstacles at the fastest rate possible.

The speed at which they glide up the wall will make you believe that the rope is helping them, but it is not. All these men and women need are the right costumes and some play web shooters and we’d have nearly enough proof that Peter Parker is real. Watch the amazing video below.

Watch these climbers scale walls and break the speed climbing record!

(source: Jan Kříž)

Who’s going to be the next person to try to smash the speed climbing record? I don’t know, but I do know that they will need to be in amazing shape. Share this story with your friends and challenge them to a rock-climbing competition one day!