Hundreds Report UFO Sighting Over California

UFO sightings are always an interesting occurrence. Even if they are debunked as nothing more than a natural phenomenon (or hoax) it is still exciting to see the evidence and wonder “what exactly could that be?” As time has moved forward, many of us now have cell phone cameras on us and the ability to capture high-quality photos of UFOs at any time. Just this last week, witnesses from Southern California to San Francisco on said they saw an unexplained moving light in the night sky. Many were able to capture the experience on video as you’ll see below:

(via: NBATODAY24)

Is this a real UFO sighting over California?

Shortly after driving half of California and social media bananas, the military released a statement saying that what was seen was an unarmed missile test (which went smoothly and according to plan). They claim that they could not release information about such tests before they happen for security reasons (for example, we don’t want other countries spying on the launch site with their satellites). While this hasn’t convinced the die-hard conspiracy theorists, it’s a satisfying explanation for most.

ufo sighting over california