The Origin of the Asian Rice Hat

Selection of Conical Hats in Hainan, China

The Asian conical hat is a straightforward design of conically shaped sun hat that originated in East, South, and Southeast Asia. It is notable in modern-day nations and regions of China, Taiwan, parts of Outer Manchuria, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Nepal, Tibet, Thailand, and V. … Read more

The Origin Of The Cowboy Hat

A Straw Cowboy Hat

The high-crowned, wide-brimmed cowboy hat is most famous for serving as the emblematic item of clothing for the cowboy in North America. Many people wear it today, but it is especially popular among ranch workers in the western and southern United States, western Canada, and northern Mexico. It is also popular among … Read more

The Origin Of The Turban Garment

A Man From India Wearing A Turban

A turban is a style of headgear made by winding cloth. People from different cultures wear it as a customary headgear and there are many variations. In addition to Ashkenazi Jews and some Turkic peoples in Russia, communities with significant turban-wearing traditions can be found in the Indian subcontinent, Southeast Asia, the … Read more

The Origin Of Indian Sari

Woman And Child Dressed in Traditional Maharashtrian Sari

A sari, also known as a saree, is a type of women’s clothing from the Indian subcontinent that is made up of a stretch of unstitched woven fabric that is draped over the body like a robe, with one end tied to the waist and the other resting over one shoulder as … Read more

The Strangest and Unusual Fashion Styles Around the World

woman wearing black

Fashion trends reflect individual ideas and the collective culture of a group or community; hence no one can infringe on this prerogative. Eye tattoos, Hitler shirts, and men’s underwear are just some insane and odd fashion fads. You will think several items are strange, but people accept and use them in their … Read more

10 Best Oil Slick Hair Ideas that You’ll Surely Love

Rainbow Oil Slick Bangs depicts a subtle hair transformation that allows you to transcend into a fuller version of this trendy hairdo

Have you been eyeing the popular oil slick shade? Hesitate no longer, because there are a plethora of solutions available to you that are less time-consuming than the typical hair color issues you seek to avoid. For example, the Rainbow oil slick color uses a variety of colorful oil slick color combination … Read more