The Strangest and Unusual Fashion Styles Around the World

woman wearing black

Fashion trends reflect individual ideas and the collective culture of a group or community; hence no one can infringe on this prerogative. Eye tattoos, Hitler shirts, and men’s underwear are just some insane and odd fashion fads. You will think several items are strange, but people accept and use them in their … Read more

10 Best Oil Slick Hair Ideas that You’ll Surely Love

Rainbow Oil Slick Bangs depicts a subtle hair transformation that allows you to transcend into a fuller version of this trendy hairdo

Have you been eyeing the popular oil slick shade? Hesitate no longer, because there are a plethora of solutions available to you that are less time-consuming than the typical hair color issues you seek to avoid. For example, the Rainbow oil slick color uses a variety of colorful oil slick color combination … Read more