What Are the Smallest Countries In The World?

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Although it’s not an official term, the smallest countries on earth are referred to as microstates. If you are interested in these small countries, might as well you can try to know the largest beaches in the world. The Vatican and Monaco are contemporary city-states, the two with the smallest populations. In … Read more

Exactly How Does Google Build its Google Maps?

Cellphone on a Stand With Navigation Map Application Open

When a family travels somewhere for the first time, they always bring their phones with them. This is the Google Maps app installed on their phone. They use Google Maps to find directions to locations they’ve never been before. The software makes their journey easier and less stressful. They can calculate the … Read more

World’s Top Ten Largest Caves

large underwater cave

Unsolved mysteries. Unparalleled outdoor adventures. Enthralling beauty.  These are the first things that come to mind when we think of caves.  With their unique rock formations, crystal-clear underground water, and other fascinating features, caves have long piqued human attention as a portal into the past and an illustration of how our planet … Read more

Seven Strangest Things in Space


Man can explore the universe, which is a large expanding area. For centuries, men have immersed themselves in various studies that provide answers to the innately curious human mind’s most perplexing questions. Some have been successful in providing answers, but the search for the unknown, or what appears to be an ever-growing … Read more

What are the Largest Forests in the world?

Forests all over the world play a vital role in maintaining the earth’s ecosystem in addition to providing oxygen. Every species on the planet is reliant on forests in some way. Forests provide a safe haven for wild animals, and they provide a sustainable livelihood or a means of meeting some of our … Read more