World’s Top Ten Largest Caves

large underwater cave

Unsolved mysteries. Unparalleled outdoor adventures. Enthralling beauty.  These are the first things that come to mind when we think of caves.  With their unique rock formations, crystal-clear underground water, and other fascinating features, caves have long piqued human attention as a portal into the past and an illustration of how our planet … Read more

Seven Strangest Things in Space

Seven Strangest Things in Space

Man can explore the universe, which is a large expanding area. For centuries, men have immersed themselves in various studies that provide answers to the innately curious human mind’s most perplexing questions. Some have been successful in providing answers, but the search for the unknown, or what appears to be an ever-growing … Read more

What are the Largest Forests in the world?

Amazon Rainforest of South America 

Forests all over the world play a vital role in maintaining the earth’s ecosystem in addition to providing oxygen. Every species on the planet is reliant on forests in some way. Forests provide a safe haven for wild animals, and they provide a sustainable livelihood or a means of meeting some of our … Read more

What are the Largest Beaches in the world?

What are the Largest Beaches in the world?

Many people consider beaches to be the ideal location for their well-deserved vacation. Whether one likes beaches for romantic walks in the evenings, soothing tanning hours on a sunny day, or simply for all kinds of sporting activities, the beach is most known for vacations around the world. The great news is that beaches are … Read more

What are the Largest Jungles in the world?

What are the Largest Jungles in the world

Jungles are densely forested areas with tangled grasses. The majority of jungles are found in hot climates. This is a list of inhabited landmasses. Thousands of jungles and rainforests exist around the world and are home to the majority of the planet’s known animal species.  These deserve to be protected and admired. Most … Read more