She Uses A Simple Trick To Cut Glass With Scissors

    This female takes an item of glass and also positions it undersea as well as declares she can suffice with a set of scissors. The outcome? I could not think it.

    According to Scientific American, there’s a reason holding glass undersea help the cutting procedure:

    “Water creates glass to split even more conveniently since when a water particle goes into the split, a response happens in which a silicon-oxygen bond at the split and also an oxygen-hydrogen bond in the water are cleaved, producing 2 hydroxyl teams affixed to the silicon. Therefore, the size of the fracture expands by the dimension of one bond tear. The water response minimizes the power essential to damage the silicon-oxygen bonds, hence the fracture expands much faster.”

    View the video clip listed below:

    How to reduce glass with scissors

    (through Everything Stained Glass)

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