How Sulfur Hexafluoride Changes The Pitch Of Your Voice

    Many of us understand that when you breathe in helium, it will certainly increase the pitch of your voice. This has actually been the resource of enjoyable and also giggling for any ages for a long time. Did you recognize that there are various other gasses that have comparable results on your voice?

    Sulfur hexafluoride has the contrary impact of helium– it makes your voice really reduced– and also it’s similarly as amusing. Sulfur hexafluoride is a gas that is 6 times much heavier than the regular air that we breath. If you breath in helium (which has to do with 6 times lighter than the air we breath), the pitch of your voice rises. Nonetheless, if you breathe in sulfur hexafluoride (which has to do with 6 time larger than regular air), the pitch of your voice will certainly end up being reduced. See the video clip listed below from MythBusters to hear it at work!

    The Pitch Of Your Voice On Sulfur Hexafluoride

    (by means of: Discovery– MythBusters)

    Does that appearance enjoyable or what!

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