Three ways you can help aid your employees’ wellness

Today there’s a real emphasis on employee wellness and around the world across many different industries new processes and initiatives are being put in place to ensure employees’ mental health are being looked after.

It’s so important with us spending more time working from home that businesses touch base with employees to ensure they get what they need.

If you’re looking to level up your business by improving your wellness initiatives, here are some top tips for doing so…

Introduce support measures

Over the last few years there’s been a large rise in the number of people suffering from addiction and for them most part, businesses still don’t have in place effective support networks to aid employees through it.

It’s a large part of an employee’s wellness, particularly as stress from work can be a contributing factor in people becoming addicted to substances. Studies have found this has been increasing with new hybrid working models, so having a system in place where employees can reach out to the business hierarchy to get support and help can be hugely important. Alcohol rehab can help, for example, in many ways and not only will employees be more comfortable about discussing these problems, you’ll also get more productivity out of someone who has been through the rehab process.

Promote work-life balance

People will naturally work late when they need to. If they’re committed to your business, they’ll get the work done.

However, you should promote a happy, healthy work life balance and ensure your employees get the respite they need. Doing otherwise can lead to burnout and have a huge impact on productivity within a business, so by telling your team to stop working now, you’ll get more productivity from them later.

Wellness Days

A number of businesses have already brought these into play and they’re effectively days out of the office where employees can concentrate on their wellness.

Employees should be given a budget from the business which they can then spend on a day to improve their own mental well-being. That can be anything and it can often be a good idea to do in pairs or groups, which not only gives people the respite they need but also the chance to get to know others in the workplace. It’s wellbeing and team building rolled into one!

Spa days, hikes, classes are all popular and can also be a really good perk to entice potential employees to join the business.