Exactly How Does Google Build its Google Maps?

Cellphone on a Stand With Navigation Map Application Open

When a family travels somewhere for the first time, they always bring their phones with them. This is the Google Maps app installed on their phone. They use Google Maps to find directions to locations they’ve never been before. The software makes their journey easier and less stressful. They can calculate the … Read more

World’s Top Ten Largest Caves

large underwater cave

Unsolved mysteries. Unparalleled outdoor adventures. Enthralling beauty.  These are the first things that come to mind when we think of caves.  With their unique rock formations, crystal-clear underground water, and other fascinating features, caves have long piqued human attention as a portal into the past and an illustration of how our planet … Read more

Strangest Food in Japan – A Must Try

sashimi salmon fish Seafood Japanese

Japan’s culture, architecture, technology, and history make it an exciting country to study. Among other things, Japan has fantastic food that will surely tickle the tastebuds. Japan’s food has evolved through social, political, and economic upheavals. Japanese cuisine may look odd, but it is friendly to the taste buds. Tacoyaki, okonomiyaki, yakiniku, … Read more

The Strangest and Unusual Fashion Styles Around the World

woman wearing black

Fashion trends reflect individual ideas and the collective culture of a group or community; hence no one can infringe on this prerogative. Eye tattoos, Hitler shirts, and men’s underwear are just some insane and odd fashion fads. You will think several items are strange, but people accept and use them in their … Read more

The Story Behind the Viral Video “Charlie Bit My Finger”

Youtube video Charlie Bit Me

“Charlie Bit Me!” A hazy 56-second video of two children virtually blew up the internet in July 2007. Howard Davies-Carr of the United Kingdom recorded his one-year-old son Charlie assaulting his three-year-old brother Harry at home. As a result of this, “Charlie bit me!” became well-known. “The video of three-year-old Harry Davies-Carr … Read more

The World’s Seven Largest Caterpillars

Hickory Horned Devil

The fact that most people adore butterflies and moths is indisputable, but what about caterpillars? Your response to this question will be influenced by a few things, including your age, gender, experience, and even your level of curiosity. Caterpillars are unwelcomed visitors in the garden for some, especially when they gorge themselves … Read more

Glass Cutting Made Easy: DIY without a Glass Cutter

Cutting glass

There are moments in life when we are confronted with minor issues; these may occur occasionally, so they must be resolved as well. When you try to adapt or recycle some glasses for your home, your art project, or your recycling output, this is one of them. In fact, in today’s society, … Read more

Super Mario “Pit of Panga”: A Level to Beat

Alex Tan is the creator of the hardest level “Pit of Panga” in Super Mario Maker.

Pit of Panga also known as U-Break is a level created by PangeaPanga in Super Mario Maker that was considered the hardest level ever made in the game.  It is said that it took 11 hours for this creator to make this level and 39 hours to beat. What is amazing is … Read more

Ready, Set, Chardonnay Go!

Chardonnay Wine gets center stage as it becomes the object of fun in the recently famous Chardonnay Go board game.

Board games come in a wide range of styles. Checkers, for example, has no inherent theme, whereas Clued has a specific theme and narrative. Rules might be very simple, like in Snakes and Ladders, or very complex, like in Advanced Squad Leader. Custom figures or shaped counters, as well as differently shaped … Read more