10 Best Oil Slick Hair Ideas that You’ll Surely Love

Have you been eyeing the popular oil slick shade? Hesitate no longer, because there are a plethora of solutions available to you that are less time-consuming than the typical hair color issues you seek to avoid. For example, the Rainbow oil slick color uses a variety of colorful oil slick color combination techniques and applications to offer you a fresh new sparkly appearance that you will surely adore.

This ultimate coloring procedure for ladies with darker hair was devised by Aura Friedman, a celebrity colorist from Sally Hershberger Salon. This does not, however, limit this rainbow color hairstyle to brunettes; blondes may also play with it. Friedman’s incredible creative endeavor was sparked by a gasoline-laced paddle she saw on a rainy day.

Friedman recommends that you use lighter colors in the summer and darker colors in the fall. There are innumerable options to pick from, whether you want a subtle oil slick hint or a bold overall hairdressing effort. Here are the top 10 oil slick ideas for you to choose from.

1. Oil Slick of Rainbow Hues All Over 

Brunettes are encouraged to try this hairstyle because it does not require bleaching or other hair-damaging procedures. This hairstyle looks great with waves because it adds volume and creates an optical illusion to the rainbow-inspired look.

“It’s dark, mysterious, rich, and, more significantly, the most striking fantasy hair trend with the least bit of damage,” says Helen Crutchfield-Christoni, Splat Hair Color Vice President of Marketing and Sales.

Darker brunettes should raise their hair to a light brown for a more colorful oil slick effect, but not to the platinum or light blonde levels required by other rainbow hair color trends, according to her.

2. Ombré Oil Slick

Combining two stunning ombre hairstyle trends with the rainbow oil slick technique will result in a dazzling DOU. This is accomplished by keeping your hair’s foundation color from the roots and precisely combining the multicolored rainbow hues from the mid-lengths to the ends. The highlights portray a mellower appeal rather than a significant overall difference.

3. Muted Oil Slick

This is the greatest alternative for individuals who want to try out this colorful trend in a modest way. This is accomplished by adding subtle highlights of your chosen colors. It is preferable if you can bring a sample picture of your intended hair change for your stylist’s help. On the one hand, a bold and loud foray into the rainbow hair color trend may appear bold and loud, but you may get a touch of it with this muted oil approach. The L’Oréal Paris Colorista Hair Makeup Temporary 1-Day Hair Color Spray, which is easy to spray on your hair strands, can help you attain this appearance on a temporary basis.

4. Pastel Oil Slick

Fast-phased hair color initiatives always bring something unique to the scene. Pastel hues hair color was born as soon as the rainbow color received widespread favor. Both are popular searches and have recently become popular. Why restrict yourself to rainbow hair hues, when you can have as many colors as you want? The more the merrier, as the saying credited to be spoken first by King James I of Scotland goes. This new hairstyle is eye-catching and a head-turner. After all, having such a vivid crown display gives the audience around you a happy, festive, and carefree vibe.

5. Hidden Oil Slick 

This approach is also a fantastic DUO – but in a different way. You may achieve this by keeping half of your original hair color and applying oil-slick hair color at the bottom, giving you a two-toned effect. This could be useful for people who work in a conservative environment and want to maintain their original look while at work or conducting business transactions but do want to change into a brighter persona on other occasions, such as a date with friends, by doing an updo of their hair to hint at their cheery side. This eliminates the monotony of a single appearance while allowing for a multi-dimensional impact as you transition from one hairstyle to the next.

6. Rooted Oil Slick 

The contrast between this oil slick technique and the Ombre highlighting technique, in which the highlights are braided from the middle to the bottom of the hair, is striking. Rooted oil slick lace changes color from the roots to the middle of the hair, then returns to its natural color at the ends. Depending on how one wants to go about it, most hairstylists will do variations. The rainbow colors can also be placed at the roots and flow down to the bottom, creating a distinctive, whimsical aesthetic.

7. Oil Slick Bangs

This change may give a hint of the rainbow oil slick theme without requiring a complete overhaul. As the name implies, this is achieved by applying a playful play-up to your bangs with oil slick colors of your choice while keeping your hair color in the back. It’s a slight change that gives the impression of maximum party style in the front and a business vibe at the rear, especially if a mullet isn’t your thing.

8. Galaxy Oil Slick

Natasha, the “Queen of Hair Shadowing,” portrays this fantastic oil slick technique in a striking way. The emerald, amethyst, jade, and sapphire hints, carefully linked from lighter hues in the front to cooler shades in the back of her natural curls, nailed it. It appears to be as rich as it possibly can be. Tash, a well-known blogger, vlogger, Instagrammer, and the founder of Crown Paint Colors, demonstrated a wide range of stunning color combinations and options.

9. Autumn Oil Slick

Autumn Oil Slick

You can experience a one-of-a-kind oil slick endeavor by lacing your hair with autumn palette hues. This demonstrates that the oil slick technique is not limited to rainbow hair color but can also be used on lighter tones. Such different hair color masterpiece precedes choices for seasons inspired oil slick ideas to take for example a hairdressing depiction of summer, spring, or fall. Oil slick hair colors are unstoppable and offer many wonderful, vivid versions and options.

10. Blonde Oil Slick

Who says oil slick colors are just for people with darker hair, to begin with? Sheree, an Australian hair colorist, can prove you wrong because she created a great style as well. What is the procedure? She stated she achieved this look by sectioning off the region she wanted to maintain blonde while painting a small portion of her hair with rainbow colors. In reality, by lightly spraying your color choices to the areas you wish to expose, you may keep your beautiful blonde locks while showing a glint of rainbow hue.