Super Mario “Pit of Panga”: A Level to Beat

Pit of Panga also known as U-Break is a level created by PangeaPanga in Super Mario Maker that was considered the hardest level ever made in the game. 

It is said that it took 11 hours for this creator to make this level and 39 hours to beat. What is amazing is that this creator can beat this game even when blindfolded. Others abhor the game for they say what is the point of the game when it is almost impossible to beat.

You might be curious about this gameplay’s creator PangeaPanga his name is Alex Tan, which is so much easier to remember than one of his screen names PangeaPanga which he used a bit to personalize his Super Mario game level creation.  

Prior to the creation of U- Break, Alex created what was termed as P-Break which is also a level of the game Super Mario. But He was defeated 41 times in P-Break and this persistent player and game creator expressed that “in an ideal world, no more than 10 clears would satisfy me”, Alex said.  

This record and incident led him to the creation of a new level in the course called U-Break which he created decisively because he wanted to be as close to “impossible” as far as his masterpiece is concerned. 

U-Break Creator’s Information

Alex Tan is the “Pit of Panga” originator, who gets a lot of records with the Super Mario Maker since it got uploaded in September 2015. He is a ROM hacker, speedrunner, tool-assisted speedrunner, and livestreamer. His scholastic background is at the University of Connecticut.

He is best known for his extremely challenging Super Mario World ROM creations and his other notable achievements include P-Break, Super Dram World, and Super Mario World ROM.

His screen names include Pepanga and Penangbenny. 

Tan’s speedrunning career records one minute and 38 seconds. He started playing Super Mario World blindfolded in June 2015 and accomplished the game this way on the 8th day of his unceasing efforts to create a record. He is so much of a Super Mario Enthusiast that most of his astounding records are from these pursuits. His “Item Abuse 3” is widely regarded as the most difficult level ever. 

Tan memorized an “easy and consistent” route to beat the game blindfolded, using musical cues from the game to know when to perform certain actions. The run took 23 minutes, despite playing as Mario, dying a few times, and getting lost. His world record was beaten on July 20, 2016, at a time of 17:46, he reclaimed the title a few days later August 8, 2016, at a time of 15:59. This record was beaten at a time of 13:31 on May 24, 2017.  

History of U-Break and Its World Record

On November 3, 2015, Panga cleared U-Break wherein the level received the first clear 5 days after its creation by a record breaker named Dodai. 

On February 22, 2018, the Guinness World Records recorded “U-Break” as the “Most difficult level created in Super Mario Maker with a clear rate of 0.007636%.

U-break is a highly fought speed run game level with the recent world record showing a 31.310 speed run with the player named Fastreaderz. He beat the record of Tatsuya reflecting a 40.559-second speed run who used “Wall Clip jump” to skip the whole Juggling section. Such an impressive record in the virtual arena, which is quite contrary to the speed climbing record that requires stamina, speed, and focus on physical outdoor activity. 

About The Gameplay

The game-level features the use of numerous advanced tricks such as Juggling, Bob-omb Riding, Shell Jumps, Jumps, and Midair P-switch Jumps. The game level is highly recognized to have popularized the widespread tricks of both Juggling and Midair P-Switch Jump or its combination.

Players Feedback

Content makers and users around the world have praised the creation tool video game’s level editing features and user interface. Aside from courses made by people who have no understanding of how to make a game, “Super Mario Maker” has proven to be a fun, a new take on a classic game.

However, there is one course that has players screaming in pain and possibly astonishment at the amount of difficulty. This course is aptly titled “Pit of Panga: P-Break,” as Alex Tan himself fell into a nine-hour trench before successfully completing the level.

Bananasaurus Rex, a “Spelunky” speedrunner, remarked on YouTube that it was “definitely the most insane level I’ve beaten so far,” taking three hours to complete and an additional hour to prepare. He is the first person to successfully complete “Bomb Voyage.”

Some other players at expressed contrasting views about this said to be the hardest game level created at Super Mario World. 

Babylevels commented that Pit of Penga, U Break seems to be composed of 3 strings, and the mid-air shell jump at the end has been cheesed (you can do a P-jump instead). The double shell leap following the juggling seemed to be the most difficult part of the level to me. For the most part, I believe U Break simply takes high ability and a high level of precision in order to complete each obstacle. There are certain levels that are arguably quite difficult simply because they need complete memory.

LunyRed shared her personal view that says, “U-Break is no longer the hardest Mario Maker level. A lot of skilled people have made tons of epic Kaizo stuff that are more creative than U-Break and can be considered harder than it.

Further Roadagain said in the same forum, “Honestly, how long a level takes to upload isn’t really a good way to measure difficulty. Not only does the length of the level have an effect on that, but also the general skill of whoever made the level.” 

In summary, the world of the techy, gaming pros is always in a state of flux just like the fluidity of language itself. No matter what record you create there will always be someone who will beat it. It takes a lot of passion and commitment to continue to pursue records of content creation as well as gaming skills which matters to the minutest second. This sphere will always be a level of ever active people who never settle for the least and always takes game levels to the uttermost even to the point of impossibility. 

Whatever your point of interest and however you wanted to hone your skills. The game world will always be an open field to gaming enthusiasts who want to take part in creating an ever-evolving masterpiece. The 21st century has trajected an upward uproar to the techy sphere where an avid can always tell his/her heart game on! So, kudos to you out there.