Ready, Set, Chardonnay Go!

Board games come in a wide range of styles. Checkers, for example, has no inherent theme, whereas Clued has a specific theme and narrative. Rules might be very simple, like in Snakes and Ladders, or very complex, like in Advanced Squad Leader. Custom figures or shaped counters, as well as differently shaped player pieces known as meeples and traditional cards and dice, are regularly used in games.

Chardonnay Go is a unique wine-themed board game. It is full of humorous questions and dares that will make you blush or horny especially when you get too intoxicated. Journey through the vineyard-themed game board in order to reach the tasting room. We applaud you if you make it this far without falling over laughing, stumbling, or worse crawling. A great Chardonnay can go nicely at a 60th birthday party.

Chardonnay Go would be rated R if it were a film. Its risqué is humorous, and, of course, wine-inspired. The real prize, though, is actually playing the game. You must complete bawdy dares or you will be put to time-out (for example, name five dead presidents while laying an egg on the person on your right). It’s certainly for adults only.

Dena Blizzard, a lifetime New Jersey resident, and former Miss New Jersey is the woman behind the unique Chardonnay Go board game which is in contrast to the unique and extra difficult Super Mario game Level ever created by PangaeaPanga. Blizzard is also the humorous woman behind “One Funny Mother,” a one-woman act, and the Tipsy Tuesday Facebook Live show. She’s also the mother whose pro-teacher Facebook diatribe about school supply lists went viral way back in the summer of 2016. (Blizzard has collaborated with the Courier-Post on a number of recent events, including the “Salute.Laugh.Give” comedy benefit for veterans this spring.)

Chardonnay Go! Becomes a famous board game when Dena Blizzard On Her OneFunnyMother vlog becomes viral with 23 million views and was picked up by several news outlets five years ago, and it was at this point that the chardonnay Go game went viral, marking the beginnings of the game’s rise to fame on social media.

The ‘Chardonnay Go’ video was released as a parody of the famous smartphone game “Pokemon Go”. The game’s Kickstarter page has nearly 100 supporters who want to see it become a reality.

As a result, Blizzard invited a male reporter and photographer from PhillyVoice to sit in on Eileen Cosgrove Stehel’s early test play night in Montgomery County, which was attended by nine members of her family.

Eileen Cosgrove Stehel was chosen from Blizzard’s big and active Facebook presence, but she had never met her personally yet before game night and had never seen her performance. She’s also been a regular viewer of Blizzard’s videos.

Dena Blizzard asks Questions to Stehel after the game about what she can say. “Oh, my God,” exclaims the latter, who has always enjoyed playing games during family gatherings and vacations. “It was an ideal game for us girls” she added.

Aside from collecting a large amount of wine, the game is fairly basic, with only a few rules:

  1. The individual who had the most sex goes first.
  2. Sit next to someone you enjoy.
  3. You should leave if you don’t like someone.
  4. Select a game piece made from a wine barrel.
  5. Roll the dice to move the game piece forward.
  6. Assign pairs of cards as directed.
  7. Complete the challenges as written on the cards.
  8. Playing naked is not required.
  9. As is putting the game board aside and only drawing cards and completing the challenges.
  10. Poor decisions result in a timeout and a turn away from the table.
  11. If you land in the wrong place, you’ll become a “wine bitch,” meaning you’ll top off everyone’s glasses and wear a shame necklace.
  12. The winner is the first player to reach the wine tasting area at the end of the board. The card pair challenges are more ridiculous than X-rated, though a player’s replies can easily swing that way.

For example:

  • Name three slang words for sex while licking your lips seductively and uncomfortably gazing at the person on your right.
  • Name three slang phrases for breasts while purring and stroking your head like a cat on the person on your right.
  • Name three renowned people you want to have sex with while laying an egg on the one on your right.

“It provides us an opportunity to get together,” Blizzard adds. “It was created for ladies, but it’s a lot more fun when men participate.”

The creation of a board game version of Chardonnay Go was inspired by her ability to create a game based on women talking to each other, which she perfected as a warm-up comic. But she was taken aback when officials from the world’s third-largest toy company told her at the same trade event that all of their senior executives had seen her video.

Many people enjoy playing board games, but you can become tired of playing the same game over and over again if you host a dinner party or visit a friend’s home. As a result, if you’re looking for more unusual games to play, look no further. You can try to discover Chardonnay Go for yourself and see how far you can go with this new board game, as well as experience the delight it brings and become one of those people who are truly loving it.

However, you cannot please everyone. Every game has its own set of limitations and drawbacks. For example, many people dislike the way chardonnay Go is played because it has a negative influence on sex and alcohol, and the more they play, the closer they get to that influence and the character they are building in people, particularly young adults. Others would rather prefer engaging in challenging and healthy activities outdoors like basketball, speed climbing, swimming, bicycling, and many others.

There are many recreational board games available, and Chardonnay Go is just one of them; however, when people try this type of game, make sure that you benefit from the fun it provides. Some conservatives, on the other hand, express disapproval for the game is suggestive of obscene conduct. For the true wine lover, building a small bar off the kitchen will definitely be one of your top priorities. 

Despite conflicting views about the mechanics of the game, the Chardonnay Go board game is still available on Amazon for $42.99 with a 4.7 rating out of 5.