10 Best Squid Dishes in the World

A trip to a new place is never complete without sampling some of its best delicacies, such as visiting New York without trying the city’s iconic bagel. Food may reveal a lot about the people who live in a specified locality. It makes one realize how vibrant and diverse people’s cultures and traditions are. Seafood varieties are among the best-tasting foods available to countries along the coast. This article explores the different ways in which a squid dish can be prepared around the world.

Ojingeo Bokkeum

Korean Spicy Stir-fried Squid

This Korean classic is cooked in a unique style that satisfies the taste senses. It’s a spicy stir-fried dish that’s been sliced into bite-size pieces and then stir-fried religiously in a somewhat sweet gochujang sauce (Korean red chili pepper paste). This main dish includes zucchini, carrots, red and green bell peppers, and onions, as well as a variety of sautéed veggies. The crisp veggies and delicate squid get a fiery kick from the thick red spicy sauce. This delectable meal is best enjoyed with rice and soju, the latter is traditional Korean rice wine. This popular dish is always on the menus of Korean restaurants, yet several food bloggers and vloggers recommend trying it at some of Seoul’s street food stalls.

Adobong Pusit

Filipino Squid Dish

This classic squid dish is one of the Filipinos’ favorite dishes. Depending on the size of the squid, it is cooked whole, bite-size, or split into rings. The rich texture of properly cooked squid is encapsulated using spices such as garlic, onions, bay leaf, black pepper, green and red bell peppers, ginger (optional), and tomatoes (optional) sautéed in coconut oil. It’s a sour-sweet dish simmered with vinegar, soy sauce, squid ink, and a pinch of sugar topped with onion leaves. It pairs well with the locally produced coconut wine known as “tuba” as a “pulutan” a type of appetizer.

Sotong Bakar

Singapore’s Barbeque Squid

This Singaporean main dish might be exactly what you’re looking for. It’s great for people who have a pescatarian diet and aren’t big on dairy or gluten. The large variety of spices, such as peppers and ginger, ground finely and put into a marinade of soy, sugar, black pepper, and salt, is the key to this deliciousness. Once grilled in the pan, the time factor of marination plays a crucial part in achieving the best tasting finish. To comfort your spicy preference, you can add a chili mixture to the marinade or a spice rub and a hot dipping sauce. For a cooling sensation on the tongue, this dish is served with slices of fresh cucumber and fresh cilantro leaves.

Calamari Fra Diavolo

Classic Italian Pasta Dish

If you’re looking for a one-dish feast, this traditional Italian recipe will suffice. The exquisite soft squid rings and tentacles stewed in a thick and flavorful spicy tomato sauce dubbed “fra Diavolo” in Italian, which means “brother devil”, is an ultimate game-changer.  The sauce is made to perfection by cooking the rich flavors of onions, garlic, oregano, parsley, and peppers in olive oil. Add the rich, spicy tomato sauce and cook for just long enough to simmer the squid. Keep in mind that overcooking the squid can destroy its softness, resulting in a rubbery texture. Finally, combine it with linguine (or any pasta of your choice) and season to taste with extra parsley and red pepper flakes.

Kalamaria Yemista

Greek Stuffed Squid

This popular Greek meal comprises a juicy squid stewed in a delicious sauce and loaded with Mediterranean flavors such as onions, bell peppers, garlic, tomato, parsley, and olive oil. The rich flavor of the spices sautéed in olive oil and then simmered with a tomato paste and wine mixture elevates this tasty dish to new heights. Rice is added as it cooks, making this a one-dish meal, however, it’s usually eaten with grilled vegetables, pasta, or bread.

Bocadillo De Calamares

Madrid’s Squid Sandwish

A freshly baked bread roll stuffed with crunchy deep-fried calamari is a local delicacy. Before deep-frying the squid rings in a substantial amount of olive oil, they are seasoned and coated with flour. It’s normally enjoyed as a hearty snack, but it can also be served as a lunch or dinner. It goes well with a caňa or a light beer. Around Madrid’s Plaza Mayor, Madrileňos queue at one of the bars to get this delectable made-to-order sandwich. Bar La Campana, Bar La Ideal, Bar Postas, Casa Rúa, and many others are among the greatest places to obtain one.

Rhode Island Calamari

Home of Longfin Squid

When visiting Rhode Island, you must try this deep-fried, golden battered ring of calamari topped with marinara sauce. This classic dish is simple to make. Simply slice it into rings, dip it in a breading mixture, and pan-fry it. It’s also delicious with hot peppers and garlic butter sauce on the side. This delicious snack pairs perfectly with a beer, but depending on your preferences, other beverages may match. The Longfin Squid variety, which is plentiful in Rhode Island, is what distinguishes this appetizer. It has been a hallmark dish since the 1950s and is sweet and delicate in flavor. In fact, in 2014, their calamari was declared the state’s official appetizer.

Zanzibar Calamari Curry

African Squid Dish

Indulge in the rich and tasty calamari curry in Spice Island, which is one of the best ways to savor a squid meal. Yes, Zanzibar is so rich in spices that they’re everywhere on this stunningly gorgeous island with beautiful beaches. Darlene of international cuisine wrote in a blog post that this dish best portrays the place and its people.

A freshly caught squid is delicately prepared by draining the water and adding water once it has turned brown. Carrots, eggplant, okra, green mango, onions, and bell peppers are some of the vegetables you can use. With the addition of coconut milk and curry, this dish is made especially rich. Let it simmer until the squid is soft, allowing you to enjoy the sweetness and crunchiness of the squid.

Chicharrones De Calamari 

Peruvian Fried Calamari

This Peruvian favorite appetizer could as well make you fall in love with it. Chicharron de Calamares is a deep-fried squid dish that is frequently served in huge amounts. On top of that, there’s a relish of red onions and lime juice. While many people on the Peruvian beaches eat this as a main course for lunch or supper, it is more commonly consumed as a snack or appetizer. Tartar sauce, mayonnaise, rocoto paste, and Aji Amarillo paste are some of the greatest dips for this dish. It pairs well with Pisco, Peru’s most famous and well-known alcoholic wine derived from crushed grapes.

Jadranske Lignje Na Padelu

Dalmatian Squid Dish 

The traditional Dalmatian cuisine Jadranske lignje na padelu (lit. Adriatic squid in a pan) is made with fresh squid, garlic, pepper, parsley, olive oil, white wine, fish stock, and potatoes. Clean and season the squids before frying them in olive oil with garlic and parsley. This sumptuous dish is a staple during summer in Dalmatia and is best paired with white wine on the side.