What are the Largest Beaches in the world?

Many people consider beaches to be the ideal location for their well-deserved vacation. Whether one likes beaches for romantic walks in the evenings, soothing tanning hours on a sunny day, or simply for all kinds of sporting activities, the beach is most known for vacations around the world.

The great news is that beaches are not difficult to come by. Beaches can easily be found depending on the place. But, beaches are not created equally. Pebbles, shingles, gravel, and, most importantly, sand can be found in them. The most common type of beach is sand, which is found near the sea or ocean. The most common type of beach and the destination of choice for sea tourists are sandy beaches.

The World’s Largest Beaches

1. Brazil’s Praia do Cassino Beach

This coastline stretches for 157 miles from Rio Grande, Brazil, to the Uruguayan border. The beach in some parts of Brazil combines white sand with aqua-green waters to radiate the country’s natural beauty. This extra-long beach has sections of seclusion, making it ideal for escaping the bustle of Brazil’s major cities. There are many cities and towns along the coast that are worth visiting, including Rio Grande, which is totally surrounded by water. The sand dunes, abundant wildlife, and the popular Navio Altair shipwreck near the coast make it a popular tourist and local destination.

2. Ninety Mile Beach of Australia

Surfers and photographers looking for a beautiful beach visit this location. Because of the frequent changing of rip tides, swimming is not the perfect activity. Dolphins and whales can be seen along the 90-mile stretch. Moreover, coastal towns, as well as a few lakes and lagoons, run the length of the beachfront. Ninety Mile Beach is a common tourist destination because of its golden sand that is perfect for any beach activities. Surf fishing is also a popular across the beach. If you find yourself around Melbourne anytime soon, Ninety Mile Beach would certainly be worth a visit.

3. Cox’s Bazaar of Bangladesh

With several beaches along its coastline, Cox’s Bazaar is one of Bangladesh’s most popular tourist destinations. Cox’s Bazaar is a 150-mile stretch of beach that combines isolation and full-fledged beach activities. Nearby are the Himchari National Park’s lush rainforests, as well as the Aggmeda Khyang Buddhist monastery and the Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Safari Park. Sun worshippers and sunbathers flock to Inani Beach. Humchari Beach is known for its beautiful waterfalls and is located next to a lush forest. Head to Laboni Beach for a lively experience, where residents and visitors alike come to sunbathe and swim. Cox’s Bazaar is a popular international tourist destination due to its peaceful sunsets, fine white sands, and pleasant weather.

4. South Padre Island of Texas

In Texas, everything is bigger, including the beaches. Warm waters entice locals and vacationers to let go of their shyness and let the sun caress their bodies. The Laguna Madre is separated from the Gulf of Mexico by a beach. The beach is known for its large population of sea turtles, but it also serves as a safe place for nearly 400 different bird species. Car traffic is permitted on nearly the entire beach, and swimming is common all year.

5. Ninety Mile Beach of New Zealand

Many different cultures, including shorelines, are exchanged and shared by Australians and New Zealanders. Moreover, this kiwi beach is 88 miles long, which is similar to their sister country, Australia. This beach, while not as large as its Australian counterpart, is still one of the world’s longest. The beach’s sand dunes have a desert-like appearance, making it one of the most exceptional spots on New Zealand’s North Island. The beach is also a great attraction for bodyboarders due to the sand dunes. If bodyboarding isn’t your thing, there are plenty of great surfing spots on the beach, and the warm weather allows this a nice vacation spot.

6. Virginia Beach of Virginia, USA

This east coast shoreline, which stretches for 35 miles, is a mix of sun, sand, and amusement. This family-friendly beach destination is always busy year-round as a great budget beach vacation spot. Virginia beach is recognized as the World’s Longest Pleasure beach due to a large number of tourists and the city has developed it into a resort town, with shops, and hotel linings almost covering the whole shoreline. The beach, which also has several many state parks, is known for surfing and beach soccer. Virginia Beach is a popular tourist attraction, and it’s quick to see why.

7. Long Beach of Washington, USA

This beach is actually not the longest, instead, it appears to come in at an honorable eighth place, with a length of 28 miles. However, it is recognized as the World’s Longest Continuous Peninsula Beach. Long Beach has the longest coastline on the west coast of the USA and is a popular whale-watching destination. The Annual Washington State International Kite Festival, which occurs every August, is one of the many events that happen on the beach all year.

8. Muizenberg of South Africa

Muizenberg Beach, which is just outside Cape Town, South Africa, is the only destination on this list that has both penguins and sharks. While you’ll have to travel next door to Boulders Beach to see the penguins, Muizenberg Beach, which stretches for 25 miles, is largely unknown to visitors outside of the row of relatively famous colored huts. Apart from being a beautiful location, the ‘historical mile’ along the beach features homes, museums, as well as other sites significant to South Africa’s colonial past. The beach is truly breathtaking, with its turquoise waters and surrounding mountain range. It’s also a popular swimming spot, thanks to the calm waters, and a popular rock climbing spot, thanks to the picturesque cliffs just beyond Muizenberg.

Going to beaches is one of the therapeutic things to do. Even the sound of beach waves and the smell of sea breeze can make someone’s day. Indeed, one can never go wrong with beaches.