Learn More About Beauty Queen, Mother and Comedian Dena Blizzard

A role of a mother can be challenging but rewarding at the same time. One of the challenges with being a mom is time management. The constant demand of attending to children’s needs while doing other errands can be stressful.

Dena Blizzard, a mother of three, took it to Twitter to share her experience of being a parent.

With her caption, “When your kids trash your laundry room and leave it for you to clean… that’s a motive for murder, right? Like a ‘crime of passion but with dirty underwear”, Blizzard became famous for her humorous remarks, and people loved her honesty.

Comedian Dena Blizzard created the Off-Broadway show and video series One Funny Mother. A former Miss New Jersey mother of three, she became the alternate ego of all mothers worldwide as she hilariously showcased a solo comedy show. She portrayed the different challenges of motherhood and marriage.

This ridiculous 80-minute show follows the funny journey of Dena throughout the day as she prepares for her “Girls Night Out” while mournful about how motherhood changed her entire life. One Funny Mother wrapped its nine-month run-off Broadway and became a winner at United Solo Festival in New York City.


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Beauty and Brain Blizzard

Dena Blizzard was crowned Miss New Jersey in 1995 and went on to compete for the Miss America title. While other contestants were busy practicing their walks, Blizzard spent most of her time making fun of the moment. 

She has since then paved her way as a television host and comedienne. Blizzard joined pageantry while planning to attend medical school. Though she makes funny remarks, Blizzard earned a B.S. in biology from Rowan University, and a master’s in gerontology from Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia before finally getting into the comedy spotlight.

Blizzard on Being a Mother

Blizzard has three children, all musically inclined, but one of her children, Brooke, seemed to have difficulty grasping simple musical concepts. The situation raised the alarm to Blizzard. She took her concern to the school after noticing problems with Brooke’s comprehension.

They started a school evaluation and sought medical help. They found out that Brooke has auditory processing issues, inattentive ADHD, problems with working memory and an anxiety disorder. The status became an eye-opener for Blizzard that learning and thinking differently, regardless of the cause, should be recognized. With her support system, Brooke started to make progress.

Brooke took Individualized Education Program (EIP), a formal plan that details the special education instruction, support and services that a student with a disability needs to progress in school. Kids as early as three years old can use this program.


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Blizzard on Becoming a Comedienne 

Blizzard was tending her 11-year-old daughter, who received nine stitches in her knee after falling in a creek when she began previewing her Off-Broadway show. Admittedly, she realized motherhood could be a never-ending process of unexpected events. One moment of joyous experience listening to a baby’s cries will lead to awkward moments of silence as they grow older.

In 2004, Blizzard won “new amateur” in the Ladies of Laughter contest in New York. After winning, she was offered comic relief for audiences by Emeril Lagasse and Paula Deen, famous American celebrity chefs. Blizzard made guest appearances on Local TV and radio stations such as NBC 10 Philadelphia and New Jersey 101.5.

These experiences motivated Blizzard to write her own stories for daytime talks. Several years after, she took the chance to take these stories on the road. Den performed One Funny Mother across the country while still being a supermom. The stand-up comic, media personality, and what she called herself “fun mom” spends her days facing the complexities of taking care of children while being a wife.

Unexpectedly, women started emailing Blizzard, thanking her for performing what they thought was crazy and unacceptable. Mothers claim that, yes, kids can be annoying, husbands can be a handful, and it is a normal feeling to be under the weather sometimes.

As an entertainment company, One Funny Mother celebrates womanhood, wine and shared laughter. It has now 65% earnings growth turning to in-stream ads on social media platforms from road tours due to the pandemic. Recently, it tackles hilarious situations of everyday relatable events at home due to lockdowns caused by the pandemic.



Blizzard finished her creation “Quarantine Diary”, a series of daily videos on how she survived her pandemic anxiety. She might have experienced not being taken seriously as a woman in the entertainment industry, but still, laughter is the best medicine.

She is currently part of the Anderson Cooper Show and Executive Producer/Host of her web series. Posting viral videos with millions of viewers, doing charity work, taking good care of her family and making everyone laugh, Den Blizzard has a lot on her plate, and she is unstoppable.